RUN 4 MUM – September 2013 Run Fit & Run Club Season Info

Location: Cobham, Weybridge & Brooklands
Description: Super September Season (Sept/Oct 2013)
Starts Monday Sept 9th 2013
Join us for either Run Fit Strength and Conditioning Circuits (with running drills) OR Join us for a run – we will take you through different running techniques, distances & routes each week. We advise you do a combination of the two programmes so you get an all round programme of strength to support your running. Whatever you choose, we accommodate beginners, intermediate and advanced exercisers. At Run Fit Circuits Club, we’ll compliment your run training by progressing you through a strength and conditioning programme to help with fat loss, metabolism boosting and running speed and endurance.

Monday and Wednesday nights, 8pm in Weybridge and Cobham,
Thursday mornings at 10:15am at Brooklands, Weybridge

Any 7 in 21 £42
Any 14 in 201 £70
Unlimited sessions £84
One off Sessions £10
First Class FREE (new runners)

Group Leaders
Melissa & Nel

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