Mums with young children are less likely to get recommended levels of exercise.

A recent study has shown that Mums with young children are less likely to get out and get the minimum amount of exercise needed to stay healthy than women of a similar age without children according to a study in the Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport.

“It’s a problem that can lead to health risks down the road” Says Lisa Bush, M.S, co-leader of a study to quantify the fitness benefits of walking with a baby stroller in the US.

The average woman puts on approximately 30 pounds during pregnancy

“Women gain weight after pregnancy and lots of times it’s hard to lose because of the new child in their life.  And now they’re busy running around and spending more time taking care of that child versus taking care of themselves”. Says Bush

But what about simply pushing your baby in your Stroller each day – could that possibly constitute a workout, help reduce baby weight and improve health?

A study conducted in conjunction with Exercise Scientists at the University of Wisconsin, La Crosse into the fitness benefits of walking with a stroller found that walking with a stroller burned more calories than walking alone – and an increase in speed and /or incline upped the workload further still.  What was surprising however, was the extent to which it increased.

They showed that walking with your baby in its buggy at 3mph and 3.5mph burned approximately 18% to 20% (respectively) more calories than fitness walking alone.  At that rate the average woman would burn about 372 – 444 calories per hour – intensity equivalent to riding a bike at 10mph.

It is recommended, in order to gain health benefits that we perform regular, moderate aerobic exercise (the equivalent of walking 3.5pmh) on most days of the week.  Given new Mums ever changing & hectic lifestyle it appears Buggy walking could just be the most easily accessible & fun way to improve health, fitness and lose a little weight at the same time!

So now you know the health benefits, there’s no time to waste – get Strolling!

Can’t judge how fast you are going or how far you walk in a day?  Track your speed, time and distance with the STROLLOMETER, a wireless pedometer for baby Strollers.  See for more details.

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