As fitness professionals we often hear people say they don’t exercise consistently because they don’t have time.  Waiting for the day you are on top of things and ‘have time’ means you’ll be waiting a LONG time.

If you want to be healthy then you have to prioritise exercise in your schedule and work other things in around it.  Schedule your priorities, make sure what’s important to you shows up on your daily task list!

Group your activities. Do you check mail on your phone every time it beeps?  This takes & wastes time.  Check it just 3 times a day and group activities together at a specific time – it will help you get more done.

Can be done in less than 15 minutes?  Do these tasks all at once.  Instead of doing quick errands here and there, group them together. Make a list of tasks you can finish in under 15 minutes and do them all at once. You won’t lose time switching between small tasks or scattering them throughout the day. When you tackle them all at once, your mind will be clear to focus on bigger priorities.

Have a planning day. I plan my weekly workouts, work schedule, meals and shopping every Sunday. I use online food shopping sites so it is delivered on Monday for the week.  It helps me plan for the whole family and include meals that can be re-eaten for lunch the next day too.

There’s a difference between being productive and being active. We often fool ourselves when we think being busy means we are being productive – often we don’t get important things done. Make sure you are making progress on your priorities.

Plan your month, week and day. Do you know what you want to accomplish with your health in the next 30 days? Without a goal, you don’t know your destination. Be clear about your goals and write them down. Use this tactic for all of your goals, even if they aren’t health & fitness related. It’s a great way to track your progress too.

Think through your days backwards.  Approach your day with the end in mind.  What needs to happen for you to have a sense of accomplishment and feel great at the end of the day? If you know those things or can identify them at the start of your day, you will visualize your ideal day and make it happen.

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