I can’t believe 2011 is almost coming to a close, it’s been a wonderful year for me personally as I introduced two special, long awaited little people to the world, my twins Louie & Lexie.  I hope 2011 has been good to you all too and you are as excited as me for all that the new year has to offer.  When you raise your glass tonight, let’s all toast to a fresh, fun and fit 2012 & the many possibilities that lay ahead.  It’s time to make the new year, your year!  Thank you to all of you who have been on my Fit 4 Mum journey with me in 2011, both in fitness and in my induction into motherhood, Melissa x
A couple of steps back? It’s time to look forward…

Don’t worry if you over-indulged a little over Christmas, lets face it, it happens.  So you skipped a few workouts last week…don’t even think about giving up altogether, it’s only a week, a minor set back. It’s tempting to give up altogether and head for the fridge but DON’T…remember giving up and being hard on yourself is so 2011 — that’s the old you, let’s look positively ahead together and leap into 2012.

The 2012 YOU can cope with setbacks and get straight back to it. You have a positive attitude going forward and you know there ARE NO mistakes, just learning experiences.  achieveing a healthy weight and fitness is a process — it takes time.  You can accept the fact that you will encounter small failures, that’s life, everyone does, but for every 2 steps back you can leap 4 forward!

And if your normal exercise routine goes out of the window one day, it’s not the end of the world! Get outside tomorrow in the fresh air, and jog or powerwalk and re-focus on your goals.  Just because things didn’t go to plan today doesn’t mean you can’t get back to it tomorrow.

New Year, New day, New beginning, New You.

Happy New Year

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