I love running.

Every day someone will ask me what I do as part of my workout routine and what I eat to stay healthy and I love that.  That’s me, that’s what I am about.  I love being active and I love nourishing by body from within.  I’ve always had this passion for as long as I can remember and I chose to make it my career when I was 18 years old by heading out to University to study the Science of Sport & Exercise.  I spent three memorable years learning from the best at University both in the UK & in Canada.  I knew instantly that I was going to be a ‘health’ advocate rather than an elite sports coach.

I started Fit 4 Mum in the summer of 2009 to do just that – help others get fit and healthy and share my nutritiona nd workouts with them.  You see, not only do I  love living an active life but I love helping others realise how great a life it can be too.  I wanted to make it a ‘club’ rather than a class or another ‘bootcamp’.  We are a team, we work hard together and motivate each other, it’s fun, we’re all friends and we’re making more friends as time goes by.

The Fit 4 Mum Run Club started about 6 months into my business forming with a group of girls, who I love to stay STILL come along and work out with me 5 years later.  I think this is a testament to the group.  Fitness Friendships Fun came from them, not me.

Almost four years ago my life took a different turn when I fell pregnant with twins.  It’s not stopped me exercising or eating healthily (stopped me sleeping well for a bit!) it’s just different now, the children workout with me!

But I still love to run and I love to share my love for an active life with my friends through the Run Fit Training Club as well as the other active classes I teach.

Run Fit Started in the December 2010 as a way to add strength and compliment the running training our group were working so hard at.

RUN FIT TRAINING CLUB is a 6 week progressive training club of like minded, motivated and strong women who meet three times a week.  “Progressive ” means it gets tougher as the weeks go on, but we get results and we’re running faster, feeling fitter and loving life.  We combine our running with drills, run specific exercises with super fast paced cardio and strength classes.  Every class is full of great fitness moves & advice and everyone can achieve.

The fundamentals of what we do each week doesn’t change but the exercises and run drills do.  We work through functional movement patterns like pushing and pulling with the upper body, squatting and lunging with the lower body and rotation core and full body movements.

We burn in excess of 500 calories a session and the best part is, we keep burning calories and boosting our fitness long after the last exercise due to the Excess Post Exercise Oxygen Consumption….afterburn.

We love to welcome new runners, from complete beginners to those just wanting a group to train with.

If you’re local to Elmbridge and you want to join us come along.  If not, keep your eyes peeled on our social networks for snippets of what we do and join in at home.

Enjoy your fitness 🙂