Morning all!

How did yesterdays food and fitness go?

Remember a year from now you’ll wished you had started today!

I’ve gone seriously loopy and am addicted to my new polar loop gadget -have you seen these ‘lifestyle’ bands?

They’re cool

It tracks all of my activity (or inactivity) 24 hours a day, sleep patterns, calories burned, steps taken (also shows distance on the polar flow app) and even gives activity suggestions to help you reach your goal for the day

It’s basically a cool way to make you move more and keep your life balanced.

If I see you this week I’ll show you, I’m in love 😉

So much so, I got the children up playing indoor “Balloon Tennis” in the house yesterday…they loved it

we were all wiped by the end of trying to keep the balloon off the ground for 20 hits….seriously try it, it’s great for yours and their agility!

By the time my head hit the pillow last night I’s amassed a massive 27.6 k steps….pretty cool seeing as the guidelines for good health are 10k a day

If you want one of these little beauties for yourself, get in touch I can get you one cheaper than you see in the shops 🙂

More delicious food ideas and a little fitness inspiration for you below.

Today’s Healthy Menu:

Mug of Hot Water with a Slice of Lemon

Breakfast – Banana Berry Blast Smoothie, 2 cups fresh Kale (or spinach) , 1 cup mixed berries, 1 banana, 100g Greek Yoghurt


Snack – About 20 grapes

Lunch – 2 egg omelette with onions, mushrooms, avocado, tomato, rocket, sprinkle of blue cheese


Snack – Carrots, Cucumber & Peppers dipped in approx 1 tablespoon of Houmous

Dinner – Salmon Ramen


Tuesdays Turbo Booster Workout


Do as many reps as you can in 1 minute of exercise 1 & 2 then rest for 15 seconds then repeat.

rest 15 secs then do exercises 3 &4 repeat twice rest 15 secs then

1 minute of the turbo booster exercise

1) Squat with bicep curl into shoulder press

2) Tricep kickback with step back

3) Press ups

4) Plank Row

Turbo booster BURPEES!

Have a great day