Hello again….How was Hump day for ya?

It’s getting cold isn’t it?

Don’t make it an excuse not to go outside though will you?
You’ve got a hat and gloves right?

We’re off to the seaside today.

I know…not what you’d think on a cold and frosty morning
(oh that sounds like a good line for a song….!)

But it’s fun and my little ones love it there
(& I don’t work today!)

I stumbled across a brilliant quote last year that I have to share with you,  it touched a nerve with me to say the least:
“someday your life will flash before your eyes, make sure its worth watching”

Good eh?

This year has two ‘life events’ coming up for us

You see, my ‘little’ ones are on countdown to …. I can’t even say it….yes…..SCHOOL!! arghh frightens the life out of me 🙁

Oh and I’m 40 soon…but we’ll talk about that another day…

So just a couple of little incentives to make us go out & crush as much as we can into everyday….& have FUN
(not because I don’t think 40 is going to be great fun but I want to make my 40th year one to remember!)

So as you go about your day today, have lots of fun too, don’t worry about ‘stuff” & instead

Smile (a lot)
Breathe deeply
Be conscious of all the great things around you
Nourish your body with gorgeously healthy food
Enjoy moving more to the great tunes you hear on the radio
Go wild….

Don’t be scared to be happy and enjoy life because you know

The happiest people don’t have the best of everything, THEY MAKE THE MOST OF EVERYTHING

Have a great day folks


Todays healthy Menu
Mug of Hot water with lemon slice

Breakfast – Overnight Oats
(just oats you soak overnight to absorb the liquid you put in them)
1/3 cup rolled oats
1/3-1/2 cup milk
1/2 banana
1/2 tsp chia seeds
Pinch salt
Pinch Cinnamon
Mixed Berries
Few raisins
Mix in a bowl, put in fridge overnight, top with something yummy and crunchy in the morning)

Snack – Apple & a little cheese (cheddar)

Lunch – Homemade Vegetable Soup
Veg Stock boiled up with
Any vegetables you like, I used carrots, potatoes, parsnips, leeks, onion

Snack – Handful of Raisins and Almonds

Dinner – Low fat Turkey Bolognese

Thursdays “ease yourself into the weekend” Activity

Instead of a workout today we’ll be taking in the fresh air and going for a long steady power walk.  Do the same.  Low intensity exercise has an important part in any health and fitness programme.
Helps you burn loads of fat and just keeps the blood circulating at a nice easy pace.
So take time today, grab a friend and go for a gorgeous long walk somewhere pretty.
Give yourself at least 40 mins, ideally an hour.